Short Stories - this is the section where I put my short stories. Some of them are long stories that were never finished.

Royalty - A story about Zidane and Dagger

For more Zidane material/writing visit White Crow!


The Eighth Fantasy a twisted story about Final Fantasy 8 set in modern day New York


chapter 1

chapter 2


Wither - the autobiography of Adrian Leonhart

Gold Beauty - A satire of  how certain people portrayed Squall in fanfiction. 

Going Home - a very short piece  about Aeris. 

April Rain - a short story about Squall and Quistis. Again, this was satire. I was mocking how certain authors portrayed Rinoa in their stories. It was a long time ago.

IF He Should Return - A possible sequel to The Orphan - Around the summer of 2000 I was exploring possible endings to The Orphan. This was one of the more interesting ones. Strangely, it's finished. Read it if you simply must have more of The Orphan. Don't read it if you expect anything of intellectual depth although there is plot depth, it is more of a story that explores possibilies although not really logical ones.

The Price of Silence - A story that explores the possiblities of what might have happened after If He Should Return..


Chapter 1


Beauty of a Dream - alternate reality story about FF7. Unfinished.