questions that are not so frequently asked but I feel like answering:

1) do you ever intend to write anymore fanfiction in the future?

I don't know. It depends. But I will definitely not be writing anymore fanfiction on Final
Fantasy 8

2) Can I use your fanfiction on my site?

Ask me please. Usually the answer is yes.

3)Can you read something I've written?

I'm sorry. I'm very busy with school and stuff I seldom have time to read other people's fanfiction. I'm sorry, I would spend a hundred years sitting at my computer reading other
people's work if I could live forever but
I am not. So I have get a move on with my
own life. Anyway, I'm sure your spell
check/grammar check would be just as good
as I can ever be.

4)Why didn't you reply to my email?

I'm sorry. I'm very busy sometimes and I save it to reply to later and sometimes I forget. Also, sometimes I accidentally delete letters because I'm a clumsy fool. Write me again please.

5)How did you begin writing fanfiction?

I was encouraged to by my friend Sarah. She was already a renown fanfiction writer and I was very pleased to be worthy of her time.

6) How did you learn to design websites?

I got a lot of help from my friends here.

7) Why do you write fanfiction? Don't you consider an infringement of copyright?

Yes, fanfiction is an infringement of copyright however, as the original owner (square) allows it, it is perfectly alright. If square were to inform me (or the media or whoever square informs) that they were uncomfortable with fanfiction the fanfiction on this site would be removed. Anyway, my writing of fanfiction is not playing in the same "ballpark" as the manufacturing of video games. Therefore, my fanfiction is an entirely different genre that this would not take any audience members away from squaresoft. Likewise, the creation of fanart is an entirely different genre as fanfiction. That's why this site promotes fanart based off of my works but not fanfiction based on my works.

8) Can I write a story based on your works?

Ask me permission email me at Chances are I'll say yes except in some rare occasions. I will not promote your work but I will not discourage it either. But please do not do it if I had already told you no. Please ask nicely.

9) I did some fanart on your works can I give it to you?

Yea!! I LOVE fanart! Send it to me now please.

You can email me at if you have any concerns or if you just want to say hi.